Time Travelling with Toys

We have been looking at the Victorian period in History, in particular Victorian toys!

We began by comparing toys from the Victorian time period to the toys we play with today. We noticed lots of differences. For example, new toys are bright and colourful compared to toys from the Victorian times which were typically duller and made out of wood.

Next, we traveled back in time and played like Victorian children. The only items we could use were chalk, skipping ropes and the hop scotch. Some of us loved playing with the chalk and skipping ropes. But others found it boring as there was not much choice.

Then we wrote the instructions to make our own Victorian toy. We could chose either a cup and ball or a peg doll, both very popular wit children our age in the Victorian times. Once our instructions were finished we began creating. We worked as a team to help each other and completed most things independently.

How you can help at home:

Using the cup and ball you made in school, or make another one, have a competition to see who can get the ball in the cup the most times in 30 seconds.