Please, Mr Panda by Steve Antony

Hello everyone,

This week’s story is a fantastic one for remembering our manners and reminding us to say please and thank you.  It’s incredibly important to say please and thank you to people, it’s one of the ways we form good relationships.  In Nursery it is one of our main focuses.

We practice this at every opportunity.  The adults model saying please and thank you as well as using it as a teaching focus, often the teachers play act and deliberately use words like “gimme, I want, No!” The children’s reaction is always the same – shock and horror that grown-ups are being “rude” to one another, especially at school.  The children quickly correct us and can tell us that it isn’t kind to talk like that.  Of course, us adults quickly use please and thank you and children give us the big thumbs up! Phew!  We certainly don’t want to go in the sad cloud.

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Please click on the link to hear the story.

Listen to the story and take the chance to discuss how it makes you and your child feel when we say please and thank you to each other and when we don’t.  Manners maketh the man, woman, boy, and girl and certainly makes life a lot more pleasant when we use them.

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Howe, Mrs Gavriel, Mrs Mitzman,  Mrs Hill and Mrs Currie