Purple Up Day

On Tuesday 3rd May we celebrated Purple Up day. Purple Up day recognises some of the military’s most unsung heroes – their children.

We thought about who the military children were in our school, and even remembered some children from our classes that had moved on to new homes and schools. We learnt that the Dandelion is the flower of the military child and listened to a poem about why.


We also took part in a workshop led by 2 PTI’s from Northwood HQ.

First we warmed up – we had to listen carefully to the instructions as they kept changing what we needed to do.

Then we completed 2 activities

One of the activities was a team game – tug of war.

The other activity was a trust game. We had to guide a partner around the playground equipment, they had to close their eyes so they couldn’t see where they were going.

Finally we had the chance to ask the PTI’s some questions.

We had a great day.