RE- Special books

During our topic of special books we have learnt about the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an. Over the last two weeks we have learnt that a  synagogue is a space for worship and prayer for Jewish people. We learnt all about the Torah and how special it is to Jewish people.

When we visited Bushey United Synagogue we were very lucky to see the beautiful Ark where the Torahs are kept safely. We learnt that the Torah is held with wooden handles to stop anyone from touching the paper.

We also discussed what Jewish people eat, wear and how they pray. Rabbi Nick was a great tour guide and he showed us different clothing, books and synagogues from all around the world. We loved our trip so much and especially loved visiting and learning from Rabbi Nick.
How you can help at home:
– Create a fact file about the three special books we have learnt about this half term.
– Design your own special book which is important to you.