Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day.

On this day we usually all come together in the hall for an assembly. Instead this year I have made an assembly you can watch from home.


Now listen to the author Lindsay Buck read her story – Detective Digiduck.

WOW! Well done if you have watched both of those you must be an online safety whizz! Now see if you can have a go at the activities below.

Nursery and Reception 

Use the template ( Duck Mask (22 downloads) )to make a Digiduck mask. Put the mask on and ask a grown up to help you record yourself saying something you have learnt about staying safe on the internet. Send it to your teachers on tapestry or by e-mail so they can see.

Year 1 and 2

Have a look at the ‘Fact Detectives’ sheet about geese. Which fact is true? Which fact is false? Explain why you think this.

Have a go at making your own ‘Fact Detectives’ sheet using the template provided. Use the internet to find a picture of your chosen animal and to find out one fact about it. Add your picture and fact to the template and add a made up sentence of your own. Send your finished fact sheet in to us on Seesaw and we will turn them into a Seesaw activity next week for your friends to see if they can work out which sentence is the fact.

Fact-Detectives-KS1.pptx (23 downloads)

Happy Safer Internet Day

Miss Honnor