What’s Missing? Maths

This week in Year one we have been developing our practical skills and confidence with subtraction questions.

We have used counters,  tens frames and cuisenaire rods to build on our understanding of whole numbers, different parts and using the word ‘equal’ in our explanations.

Today we were playing a game with our partners where they were hiding a piece of cuisenaire behind their back and we had to identify what was missing.

Tomorrow the next step in our learning will be to write down a number sentence telling the story of what happened when our friends hid the cuisenaire!  Here we are playing the game. Some of us did a Red Hot Challenge to make a whole with three parts. Well done!

How you can help at home:

Play “What’s Missing?” at home, like a practical game whilst cooking. Ask your child to identify a hidden amount. If they are not sure you can show them first. Ie. “I have 7 pieces of fruit which is my whole number. One part is 2 oranges and one part is 5 pears. I am going to hide something behind my back can you tell me what part I have hidden?” Then take it in turns.