The Cycle of Life!

For the last two weeks in Year two we have been studying the life cycle of living things and their offspring.

We were overcome with excitement when we were given the chance to bring in our own baby photos for this and had a fantastic time at guessing who was who in the photos based on key features! This hooked us in and we were enthusiastic to discuss the different stages of development in the process.

We then began drawing the life cycle and identifying the key characteristics of development stages. We  used scientific language to write sentences to describe the changes that happen over the time. Lots of us decided that teenagers are the moodiest of all!

Building on this knowledge of the life cycle of humans, we then studied the idea offspring and where the life cycle begins. In our Geography lessons, we studied the rainforest so we thought it would be a great idea to sort the rainforest animals into different groups. We matched the adult to their offspring and then thought about whether they looked like their adult or if they did not. We also identified the animal groups characterising which animals should be sorted in to which group, whilst using our scientific language to show our reasoning as to why we thought so.

We learnt some great new facts about some rainforest animals! Ask us about it and we will tell you all we can!

How to help at home:

  • What else can you find out about the animal groups and their offspring? Is there a particular animal that surprises you?
  • Visit the zoo – can you identify the animals and which animal group they belong to?
  • Choose your favourite animal and describe its life cycle.