This Week In Reception

We had a very exciting morning on Monday. In each classroom a mysterious letter had been left.


We read them out then went outside for our exercise.


We could not belive what we had found! It was Greg the dinosaur hatching from his egg!


This week we have learned the story of Happy Hatch Day by Rob Biddulph which is all about Greg.

Here is a preview of the book:

We have written our own Happy Hatch Day invitations too.




We are learning to “Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s.”  (Development Matters 2014)

This week we have been consolidating our learning particularly focusing upon the vowel digraphs ai, ee, igh and oa.

We are also learning to use the ‘es’ ending when the root word remains unchanged.

How you can help at home:

GIve your child the following root words and ask them to write the ‘es’ ending. What does it say now?

bus     box     buzz      lunch      wish.


We are learning to, “Count beyond ten,” (Development Matters 2014).

We are voting which book we would like to read as part of our morning register. This is helping us to count verbally beyond 20.

How you can help at home:

Count the stairs in your house pausing at mutliples of 10. Look on the calendar and count down the days to the next event marked on it. Identify the door numbers you see on houses as you walk to and from school.