Sports Day

This year’s Sports Day was a great success! Thank you to the Year 6 children at Ashfield School who came to support and help assist with the activities.

First we had an opening ceremony waving our team flags and walking down the centre of the activities. Some of our younger brothers and sisters at Merry Hill joined us.

Then we completed a carousel of 5 activities which gave us a chance to show off the knowledge and practical skills we have been developing in physical education this year, including overarm and underarm throws, hitting targets with accurate aim and moving in a variety of ways with steady balance.

The children said they enjoyed the space hopper relay race, giant egg and spoon using tennis rackets and beanbags, scoring goals, skipping and playing limbo! For our ‘resting’ activity we had a water break station and played Jenga. Jenga is a great game to play, not only is it fun, but it also helps your children develop their precise fine motor movement,  hand/eye coordination and impulse control.

After that we had  class races, teacher races, mum and dad races and even grandparent races. We then had a well deserved rest and got to enjoy a family picnic with our loved ones.

How to help your child at home:

Discuss the reason behind the way we move a certain way. For instance, underarm throws increase distance whilst overarm throws increase accuracy.