This week in English we have been learning the text ‘Supertato’.

We were very surprised to come in to our classroom to find vegetables tied up around the room. Then we spotted Supertato flying through the air with his cape on.

We have been working hard to learn the text, by drawing a story map and adding actions. We have also been predicting what could happen next in the story. Here are some of our predictions:

We looked carefully at the text to find out what made it a great story. We noticed that all the sentences had a ‘who’ and ‘what’ in them, they started with a capital letter and finished with end of sentence punctuation, such as a full stop. We also noticed that there were lots of past tense words, and some exclamation marks.

We looked at some different past tense verbs and sorted them according to the end sound they made.

We will also be learning that exclamation marks are used to show strong feelings, such as shock, surprise and anger. We will read sentences and decide whether they need an exclamation mark or a full stop at the end.


How to support at home:

  • When reading, look out for the ‘who’ and ‘what’ in each sentence.
  • Use objects around the house and turn them into characters by adding facial features. Make up some adventures for your new characters.
  • Look out for exclamation marks in your reading books – identify the strong emotion that is being shown in the sentence.