This Week in Reception

This week in Reception we have been trying to excavate dinosaurs from Plaster of Paris in our Dinosaur Museum. We have perservered for a long time and are still only able to see one side of the dinosaurs that a buried. Using our reading skills we used the fact cards on the wall in the museum to identify the dinosurs that we think are in the plaster. We will have to wait and see if we are correct.


We are enjoying playing games with our friends inside. Dinosaur Snap and Dinosaur letter game have been favourites. We have also enjoyed inventing our own dinosaurs¬† using our hand prints, our names and a “saurus” or two at the end.



We are learning to, “Read some letter groups that each represent one sound and say sounds for them.” (Development Matters 2014). We have been learning to read and write words containing the digraphs ‘ai’, ‘ee,’ ‘oa,’ and ‘igh.’ See if you can spot these words in your reading books this week.

How you can help at home:

Play buried treasure. In the photo here you can see the game in action. The children read the word using robot arms and blending hands then decide if it is real (treasure) or an alien work (bin) and sort them accordingly. Have fun!