This Week in Reception



What another fun and busy week its has been in Reception!

We have been continuing to design stamps, flags and coins  for the Queens Jubilee during our Mindful Monday sessions and the children have enjoyed using metallic crayons, watercolour paint, pastels and wax crayons, “It is important that children have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials”. (Development matters 2021)

        Happy Purim!

We were lucky to have a visit from the local Rabbi Nick to talk to us all about the Jewish Festival ‘Purim’, which will be celebrated on the 17th March. It’s a festival where Queen Esther is remembered for her bravery in rescuing the Israelites. Purim is celebrated with lots of parties, colourful outfits, music and gifts and it’s a chance for Jewish people to spend lots of fun time with their family to celebrate. It is also an opportunity to give charity to those in need.

We all had to listen extra carefully to the story of Queen Esther, for when Rabbi Nick said the villian’s name ‘Haman’, we had to be ready to boo and stamp our feet. This was a lot of fun!

To find out more about this festival please click on the link below:

(“…listening to a broad selection of stories…will foster an understanding of our culturally diverse world.” Development Matters, 2021).

Our ‘Royal Tea Room’ is ready for the children to explore, offering lots of opportunities for language development;  pretending to make tea, asking questions and taking orders. We are also improving in remembering our ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’.

In Phonics this week we having be learning the new sounds ‘ow’ (growl) ‘oi’, (spoil), ‘ear’ (clear), ‘air’ (fair).

How you can help at home;

Why not have a go at coming up with some words of your own containing these sounds and share them with us on Tapestry.