This Week in Reception

We can barely believe that we are at the end of another half term with only one half term to go. It really has zoomed by.  As we look back over the year feel extremely proud of our Reception children when we see them looking after our environment so responsibly without even needing to be asked.

Understanding the World: The children have been learning to: “Describe what they see, hear and feel whilst outside,” and, “Explore the natural world around them,” (Development Matters 2021)

Litter picking and cleaning up:

We are very lucky to have a new “Potions” area where we have been busily brewing all sorts of potions – one for tummy ache, one for good luck, one for a pet. We have to press our fingers very hard on the pipettes to control the magical solution; transfering it from the potion table to a bottle or jar.

Expressive Arts and Design: The children have been learning to: “Explore, use and refine a variety of artistic effects to express their ideas and feelings.” (Development Matters 2021)

In line with our “Summer Fun” topic we have been mixing hot colours using powder paints. We remembered that yellow and red made orange but we tried to make the orange darker or lighter by adding more of one or the other. Even though it was chilly outside the sunshine paintings made us feel hot.


We are inventing our own stories this week and are using the journey of Mr Gumpy as our inspiration. We have been investigating how we can make different objects travel down a pipe and seeing if water helped the objects to reach the bottom just like the characters in our innovated story where they fell down the waterfall.

Here we are acting out some of our story ideas:


You can help at home:

Maths – we are sorting the numbers 1 – 10 into odds and evens. We have watched a Number Blocks clip to help us recognise the shape of odd and even numbers and sorted objects into equal or odd groups. Why not practise this with objects from around the home – socks, cutlery, teddies?

We have also learned the Nursery Rhyme “I have a body…” linked to learning more about personal hygiene; regualr toothbrushing, bathing/showing, blowing noses and washing hands…keeping those germs at bay!

You join in with it here: