This week in Reception

This week we have continued our “Under the sea” theme.

Here we are finding treasure in the sand and making words using our phonic knowledge. We are learning to, “Blend sounds into words, so that they can read short words made up of known letter– sound correspondences.” (Development Matters 2022)


We have made potions using seawater and sunshine.

We are strengthening our fine motor skills using syringes and pipettes in the water tray to make water jets, practising our writing and making sea creatures from paper plates. Weare learning to, “Develop their small motor skills so that they can use a range of tools competently, safely and confidently. ” (Development Matters 2022)

We also remembered to help tidy up.

In Mindfulness Monday we were drawing people who inspire us.  We are learning to, “Name and describe people who are familiar to them.We had a range of different people from members of our families to scientists and dentists. All of the children asked were above to explain why these people inspired themselves:

” They fight fires and I want to be a Firefighter when I grow up.”

”They make discoveries that help us. That’s really important.”

”They look after me.”


This week our nursery rhyme is “A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea.” We are learning to, “Sing in a group or on their own, increasingly matching the pitch and following the melody.” (Development Matters 2022)

Why not have a go at singing it at home?

How you can help at home:

We are practising writing the alphabet in capital letters. Please have a go at home starting at the top for each letter.

We are also trying hard to remember how to form numbers correctly. Look at this PowerPoint to help.