This week in Reception

Understanding the World- Festivals, festivals!
This week we have been learning about special festivals. We have been very fortunate to have visitors coming into school to help us learn more about them. 

‘Children in Reception will be learning to: recognise  that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways’. (Development Matters, Sept 2021)

Our week started with an assembly all about Easter, led by Mrs Penny from St James’ Trust who helped us all learn more about the Easter story that is special for Christians. She brought with her some great props, including a hollow golden egg, which she said reminded Christians that after Jesus died he rose again and the tomb was empty, just like the inside of the egg!

In our Mindful Monday activity, the children made Easter chicks by colouring a paper plate yellow, gluing on yellow tissue paper, cutting out a triangular orange beak and sticking on eyes.

The children have also been busy creating Easter cards as well as designing Easter eggs, tracing patterns and digging for eggs in the sand! On Thursday the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt; thank you FOMH for organising this egg-citing event!

Ramadan and Eid

On Wednesday we were excited to invite some of our Reception parents into school to tell us all about the festival of Ramadan and Eid, which is a special celebration for Muslims.

First the children listened to a story all about Ramadan. We learnt all about the importance of fasting; allowing time to think and be grateful, to carry out kind deeds towards others as well as sighting the moon! Then Sami and Idrees were very brave and recited a special prayer – we were all impressed at how well they remembered the words! The children listened attentively. The children also had the opportunity to look at different artefacts linked to the Islamic faith including a prayer mat and traditional Islamic dress.


During Explore time there were many exciting activities on offer: making binoculars then hunting for the moon with them, finding the letters of Ramadan on the moons and ticking them off once found, tasting dates during snack time, trying on traditional clothes and  making kindness cards. The children had a wonderful time learning about Ramadan and Eid! Thank you so much to all the parents who came in to make this a wonderful learning opportunity. 

How you can help at home over the Easter holiday

Please continue to read with your child regularly, (we have sent home two colour-spot readers) and review the HRSW and phonic diagraphs and trigraphs. If you have the opportunity, please visit the local library. Also do enjoy the games in the Maths Mastery packs. 

We wish you all a very happy Easter  break! 

The Reception Team