This week in Reception

This week we have begun learning about Edward Tinga Tinga.

Here we are in Mindful Monday practising a variety of art skills.

We used watercolours to make sunsets, extended animal patterns, printed a silhouette of a tree and copied some Tinga Tinga artworks.

You can find out more about Edward Tinga Tinga here:

We have carried on learning Mr Gumpy’s Outing but we have innovated it this week to include our own ideas.

Here are some of the new characters we have created.

Purple Up Day!

April is the month of the Military Child and here at Merry Hill we have a number of military families. Last week Padre Nicoll came to talk to us about Purple Up day and helped us to understand more about it. He explained what being in the armed forces meant and talked about the services involved; the Army, The Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and what they each do. Our Military children stood up and we gave them a clap!

On Thursday we all came to school wearing a purple accessory; if you mixed the coloured of the three Armed Forces you would get the colour purple. We started our day with some mindfulness colouring of the dandelion- the emblem of the military child. After registration we learnt more about life in the military and talked to some our  forces children about it. We also had the opportunity to try on some hats and study the cap badges.

Each cap badge has symbols on it which represents meaning. We then  were able to design some cap badges for Merry Hill infant school, thinking carefully about our values. All the children were engrossed!


In the afternoon Private Hall came into meet us. He taught the children how to salute, and to stand to attention and take cover. He led some games for us on the field which included a huge tug of war rope, it was great fun!

Everyone had a really exciting day!

How you can help at home:

Please do continue to practise the sounds and harder to read and spell words that your child may need to review.

Also here is our Nursery Rhyme this week:

Have a really enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend and we will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

The Reception Team