This week in Reception

This week we have started learning about pirates.

In Literacy we are learning to, “Listen to and talk about selected non-fiction texts to
develop a deep familiarity with new knowledge and vocabulary., ” (Development Matters 2021). We are  reading and following instructions about how to be a pirate. We have noticed that each instruction begins with a time word such as “First,” or, “Finally,” to indicate the order they should be followed.

Here are the instructions we are learning. See if you can remember them with actions.

In maths this week we are learning to, “Explore the composition of numbers to 10. ” Our key sentence is “When an amount is rearranged the total stays the same.”

Here we are partitioning 5 into part, part whole models. 3 and 2 are parts of 5. Can you think of any more ways you can partition 5 or 10 into 2 parts? These are called number bonds.

During CIL we have continued to walk the plank and have become increasingly imaginative about what may be swimming beneath.
We have enjoyed using our easel from FOMH to draw pictures beginning with a different letter each day. Today was the letter Hh.
We have also been extremely excited to see sunflowers begin to open, “look it is as tall as me!” We invented our own games using the construction and have come up with rules, playing cooperatively together. There has even been buried treasure to find in the sand pit. Today we had to discover the golden chalice and draw a map to show where it was found.

This week we have learned:

au – pause the launch,

ey – use money to buy honey,

a-e – cake by the lake,

e-e- the athletes compete.

The harder to read and spell words are:



How you can help at home
Practise this weeks nursery rhyme “The big ship sails.”

Practise splitting amounts of items up to 10 into 2 groups and emphasise the importance of 2 parts making  a whole e.g cutlery when setting the table or bottles in the bathroom.