This week we have gone dotty…

We have had a great time in Nursery learning about another one of our favourite mini beasts!  This week have been learning all about our friend the ladybird 🐞

We started the week listening to “What the ladybird heard” and thinking about the characters in our story~ the villains, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh, and the ladybird who was the hero! It made us think about how even a little ladybird can be helpful to their friends.

We identified all the positional language used in the story and loved the map the villains drew, so we decided to draw our own map of the farm.

This led to a whole class discussion on being a kind friend to everyone in Nursery and what we can do for our friends when they are upset.  The children had some amazing ideas and we settled on making a friendship stop in class.  We now have a dedicated spot for children to go when they feel a bit lonely – this helps everyone to see when one of our friends needs a bit of extra care and we can help include them into our games. The children have loved taking care of each other and the friendship spot has become a very popular area in our class! We also thought about making sure we include everyone in our games and not only the children who we play with every day.  We had a great time taking selfies with different friends and using these photos for our friendship stop.

In maths we continued playing with the dominoes and we are now very good at recognising a group of objects without having to count them (subitising).  We had a great time matching our tiles to the correct numbers as well as practicing writing our numbers correctly.

How can you help at home:
I am attaching a printable set of dominoes if you would like to play it with your child/children.  Can they recognise  the number of dots without counting them first?
Have a lovely weekend as always & enjoy the sunshine!
The Nursery Team xxx