We are inspired!

People who inspire us have been on our minds this week. We all know that inspiration occurs when someone motivates you to do something or be your best self.

Marcus Rashford, Mary Seacole, and the Queen are some of the people who have influenced us in the past. It was now our chance to be inventive. We each brought a photograph of someone who had influenced us. We then used our previous knowledge to create a pastel portrait. We carefully considered the position of the eyes, nose, and mouth before adding the finishing touches.  We blended colours to achieve a realistic effect. After we finished our creation, we penned a sentence describing why that particular person inspires us. Here are a few examples:

“My dad is my inspiration because he is funny and caring.”

“Emma Raducanu is my inspiration because she is the best tennis player and she is determined.”

“My mum inspires me because she looks after me and my brother.”

“My Auntie Nina is my inspiration because she creates art.”

“My Jujitsu Sensei is my inspiration because he is disciplined.

“My dog’s veterinarian is my inspiration because she keeps animals safe”.

How you can help at home:

Talk about more people that inspire you and the qualities which make them inspirational.