We’re going on a bear hunt!

This week we had a great time learning about the Michael Rosen book, “We’re going on a bear hunt”.

We learned to retell the story while  using actions to prompt us.  It was great fun for the children to come up with the actions by themselves.  Then we did a shared story map where we drew pictures to retell the story before we acted the whole story out in our playground where we made our own long grass,  cold river,  squelchy mud and a forest! Inside the classroom we used the small world people and materials to retell the story.  The children had to find different ways to replicate the sounds in each scene of the story and they had some fabulous ideas! There were lots of bear activities too and the children drew the most beautiful bears that will be displayed in class.

Our jigsaw learning (PSHE)  also linked to our story this week.  At the end of the story we see the bear walking alone on the beach, looking upset. As a class we had a discussion about what we could do when our friends are  feeling upset or sad.  The children had some amazing ideas to ensure everyone is included in our games.

In our maths learning we have been working hard to recognise numbers and to represent them in different ways.  This week we have learned all about number 4 and how to write it.  When your child is at home, please encourage them to record their learning and counting in different ways in order to share all their hard work with the rest of the class.

Here is a song we sing in class to help us with number formation: https://youtu.be/pzmB0GoEKkA

How you can help at home:

Do a number scavenger hunt at home.  If you show them a number,  can they find that many items in their room e.g: Can you find 2 teddies?  Can you find 4 cars? Can they find any numbers around the house?

As always have a fabulous weekend; I look forward to seeing you at parent consultations on Monday. If you have not booked a slot yet, please do so through your Scopay account.

Best wishes,

The Nursery Team