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Phonics Fun – Wild Wednesday h, r, f, ss, ll, ff

Hello everyone, We are outside every Wednesday.  Grab a few  resources and your coats and get outside for our fun phonic adventure! Don’t worry about the writing – you can use the dirt,  chalk, sticks or stones to form the shapes of the letters. How to play- ‘Write’ the sounds/letters on cards/paper or stones.  …

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DINOTASTIC There may have been trouble opening this, I hope I have fixed the issue. Regards Mrs Bence 🐝

Non-Fiction Books – Dinosaurs

Hello everyone! This is the perfect topic to focus on Non-fiction books.  Non-fiction books are wonderful things that are full of interesting facts and information.  Fiction books are stories that are not real, everything in a non-fiction book is real!  They are a great source of information and I often ‘loose’ myself in a …

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Maths Activities for the week – Sequencing and Timetables

handwashing routine

Hi everyone, This week we will look at sequencing (a different mathematical aspect) and thought now would be a good time to start a timetable or schedule/list of what and when we’re going to do things.  It’s really useful to  help organise your day and that’s especially important now. Sequencing is things arranged in a …

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Phonics Fun – Noisy Neighbour

Hello everyone, Today’s phonics session is a fun listening game called Noisy Neighbour.  It will really hone their listening skills so that they can differentiate between sounds. How to play- The children need to pretend to sleep (eyes closed).  Their very noisy neighbour is making sounds and noises they need to identify.  There’s a chant …

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Mindful Monday

Let’s Be Zen What does Zen mean? Zen is a word for feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.  It means not worrying about things that you cannot change. Click the link below for some Zen activities for you to try…   So what makes you feel zen?  Is it… Cuddling with someone or something special, perhaps …

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Phonics Fun R and B

Hello everyone, Welcome to our first recorded phonics session.  Parents – do your best, with practice you’ll get the hang of it.  It’s meant to be fun and a game that your child/ren may begin to play independently.  The games chosen will be ones that the children are familiar with and there are a  variety …

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Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Strickland

Hello everyone! Our new topic this term is Dinosaurs and this week’s story is Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Strickland.  It’s great fun.  There are lots of rhymes in the story, listen out for those.  There are also some new words like meek or fierce.  Do you know what they mean?  One means that …

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Nursery Music Links

What a week – we hope you are all doing ok and have had a good week whether you have been in nursery or at home. Today we have some fantastic links to share with you so that you can listen to all your favourite songs that we sing along to in Nursery and there …

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Dinosaur activities

Hello Nursery children and families, this term in Nursery we will be having fun learning about dinosaurs. Whether you are at school or at home there should be something that everyone can enjoy. Look out for Mrs Howe’s story tomorrow to get you thinking about how different each dinosaur in the story can be. Just …

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