This half term in computing we are learning about e-books.

We started the topic off by looking at books and e-books and comparing them – what’s the same and what’s different. We noticed that e-books could make sounds and sometimes the pictures move too.

In week 1 we used Purple Mash to have a go at making some of our own pages for an e-book. We used the paint tools to add pictures, and then the keyboard to write a sentence that could go with the picture we had drawn. We saved our work so that we could go back to it in the next lesson.

In week 2 we learnt that when a picture moves on a screen this is called an animation. Animation was our word of the week.

We used the ‘My Work’ folder to find and open our work from the previous week. Then we used the tools on ‘2Create a Story’ on Purple Mash to animate the pictures in our e-books.
















At the end of the lesson we made sure to save our work again so that we can continue adding to it over the next few weeks.

How to support at home: 

  • Visit the Oxford Owl website using your log in, how are these books the same/ different to your phonics reading book that you bring home?
  • Choose a favourite story – how would it look as an e-book? Which pictures could you make move? Could you add any sound?
  • Think back to our learning about Louis Braille – how might an e-book be helpful to someone with a visual impairment?