This week in Nursery – Patterns

Hello everyone!

This week in Nursery we have been learning about patterns. Mrs Howe visited a  London market and got some beautiful African Kente fabric for the children to see. We looked closely at the patterns and shapes in the material and the children noticed dots, stripes and zig zags. During fiddly fingers some of the children made colour patterns with the cotton reels, zig zags with the duplo and applied pattern independently to their drawings during free play.


We also had fun learning how to tie an African head wrap in many different ways. We used the Kente fabric and patterned silk scarves on the braided and short hair wigs. The children enjoyed helping each other and had fun looking at themselves in the mirror. They noticed similarities and differences in the colour and texture of their own hair compared to their friends.


We have also enjoyed some messy pumpkin play this week, scooping out the insides of the pumpkin and exploring the texture of the seeds and the flesh inside. We have  played with pumpkin spice play dough and have enjoyed printing with apples to make a pumpkin picture. The children particularly enjoyed making them come to life with googly eyes. The children loved going on a pumpkin hunt in the forest and counting how many they had found altogether.

We hope you have a lovely Half term

The Nursery Team