Timeline Travellers

As our understanding a curiosity grows in history, we created a timeline documenting some key events that have happened in the past. We worked in small groups to create a chronological timeline and discussed the changes of old and new, identifying some similarities and lots of  differences. Most of us could not believe that TV’s once looked like that!

In addition to our historical timelines, we have been adding to our class learning journey timelines. This is a great visual reminder of all our prior learning. We look forward to documenting the rest of our journey in Year 1.

Have a great half term everyone!

How you can help at home: 

  • Have a conversation with a family member or friend who is older than you.  Thinking about things in the past, what is similar and what is different? Think about toys you play with, technology, sporting events etc.
  • Create your own timeline during half term documenting all the fun you had!