Report Writing in Year One!

As you know, this year we have been learning about different types of animals including amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. In May, Dr. Stuart visited us with all his reptile friends and we learnt so many interesting facts about reptiles and spiders from his visit.

This week we have finished off the final touches on our very own reptile Reports to share information about two amazing creatures: Boa Constrictors and Tarantulas.

First we looked at different types of reports and learnt facts about Pandas. We learnt about subheadings like used Habitat for Homes, Diet for food and Appearance for what they look like.

Then we made a mind-map to remember our own facts and recorded them using our new vocabulary.

After that we wrote our information and finally we coloured our pictures in!

What do you think?

How you can help at home:

Talk to someone and interview them about their favourite animal. Write a report on that animal and share your facts using a heading and subheading.