The papaya that spoke

This week we have been learning a new story called ‘The Papaya That Spoke’.

We have been learning new words which are ‘setting’ and ‘characters’. A story’s setting is where it takes place and the characters are the figures in the story. They can be people, animals or in this story they are talking fruits!

We started by passing around a papaya, thinking of adjectives to describe the papaya and thinking about what it could say if it could speak. Next we learnt the story off by heart by drawing it, looking at the text map and coming up with actions to act out the story.

We changed the papaya to a fruit from the original and made our own individual stories. Here are some examples of an innovated text map and the piece of writing that goes with it.

How you can help at home:

Encourage your child to do some story-writing with capital letters and full stops used consistently throughout the piece. The children can base their story on anything they like, but might like to have a go at writing about a piece of fruit at home e.g the satsuma that spoke.