This week at Nursery

Hello Children!

We hope you have had a good week?! Did you get to enjoy any snow at the weekend? Did you see any lovely patterns this morning in the frost? We have loved seeing your pictures and emails that your adults have sent us telling us what you are up to at home. From snowman building, to doing lots of fun maths activities, jigsaws and practicing your phonics – A huge ‘Well Done Nursery!’ (To adults and children alike!).

In Nursery we have been following the same activities. We have been enjoying all our maths songs and looking at the number 7. Did you know there are 7 days of the week? We counted out the days after listening to the ‘Days of the Week’ song. We have continued talking about dinosaurs and had a go at making places for them to live and explore with play dough, sticks and stones – such fun. In art we have had a go at creating some Yoyoi Kusama pictures (the children keep reminding the adults how to say her name correctly!) and we even combined her dots with dinosaurs. One day we had a go at baking some yummy biscuits. Have a look at the whole school blog next week and Chef Sadie will be putting up the recipe for you to try at home! In Phonics,  the children love having to ‘cross the river’ for our rhyming words and the Noisy Neighbor game is going down well too. We have been trying to scat along with ‘Ain’t Got That Swing’  – have you tried? it’s really fun! We have had a guess at the different genres in the Top 10 Dinosaur Songs Track – they still love their Reggae!  When the weather was dry we went up to the woods to explore and look for stones and we have really been working on our manners this week too.

In Nursery – we are all either a Penguin, a Pandas or a  Tiger and Edinburgh Zoo have live webcams on these animals ( as well as Koalas and Lions). The children have really enjoyed checking up on the animals and seeing what they are up to, discussing their environment and what they are eating  – the Panda is  a big hit!

Clink on the link to take you to Edinburgh Zoo Live Webcams .


Please click on the link below to see some fantastic pictures of the week.

This-week-at-nursery-220121.pdf (63 downloads)


Please keep sending in emails and pictures about what you are up to at home – we love hearing about what you are learning!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care, stay safe,

The Nursery Team