This Week at Nursery

Hello Children!

Well what an interesting week it has been! We hope you have had a good week despite the weather and now that we’re all working away at home for a few days.

At the start of the week, who managed to get outside and make a snowman or go for a winter walk? It was very cold and icy wasn’t it? Brrrrr! 

On Tuesday, as well as doing our maths activities like on the blog, we started to talk about superheroes. We did some amazing yoga with super poses and in the afternoon there was the option to make superhero masks! They looked amazing and the children had lots of fun creating them ( and did not want to take them off!). We also read Tyrannosaurus Drip – has anyone managed to make some dinosaur habitats? In music,  the two dinosaur songs, Walk the Dinosaur and The Dinosaur Song are very popular. In terms of Jazz – ‘If It Ain’t go that Swing’ with its fabulous chances to scat is also a big hit! 

We hope you have all been enjoying the blog activities and lessons and we love to see what else you have been up to at home. Please remember it’s important to not stress over doing all the activities, every day. Our blogs are here to support you at home and follow what we are doing in class. However, if you fancy doing something else like going for a walk with your household; having a go at the PE or Ballet lesson on the whole school blog; baking a cake together or reading a story with a relative over zoom – these are all great things to do too! 

Please click on the link below to see some fantastic pictures of what we have been up to this week.

This-week-at-Nursery-2901.pdf (60 downloads)


Please keep sending in emails and pictures about what you are up to at home – we love hearing about what you are up to!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe, 

The Nursery Team