This Week in Reception

A We continued to read ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and identify rhyming pairs of words. We recorded these carefully in our books and even had a go at writing our own rhyming poem about a sea creatureof our choice!


(Children in Reception will be learning to spell words by identifying the sounds and then
writing the sound with letter/s. Development Matters, 2021)

We recapped the meaning of the word “commotion”. The children then created a commotion of their own during their child initiated learning.

Here we are looking for phonemes to build words in an ocean tuff tray.

Can you spot the words we have found?

We built dens in the sandpit  for a family of foxes. Later we built a village on top of one of the dens.

We have been refilling the potions station on our own and adding pinches of magic.


We have been adventurous with our balances on the out door climbing frame

We also created our own sea creatures in the forest. See if you can spot what they are:

(Children in Reception  will  be learning to explore the natural world around them. Development Matters, 2021).

We had an exciting visit from Bushey  Library to tell us about the library challenge, The Ga(dgeteers, running from 9th July to 3rd September. You need to be member but each time you read a book you can earn a sticker. If you read 6 books you earn a pencil, a certificate and a special medal.  We look forward to seeing lots of medals in September.

In Maths we were reviewing automatically recalling number bonds of 5 and some number bonds of 10. During the week we used the nursery rhyme ‘Five little speckled frogs’ to help us visualise and remind us of the different number bonds of 5. As we sang, we talked about the number of frogs left on the log and how many were in the pool and we represented these numbers by using fingers on different hands. We then used two different colours of counters on a die-frame to show the different number bonds.

(Children in Reception will be learning to explore the composition of numbers to 10. Development Matters, 2021). 

We also thought about the Tennis championships, Wimbledon:


How you can help at home:

Sign up to the library challenge this week.

Join in with this week’s nursery rhyme, “When I was one”.

Spot rhyming words. Here are some games you can try: