This week in Nursery

It has been amazing to see al the children back after the holiday- they have grown so much! After a lovely break, there might be a bit of adjustment for some children coming back to the routines of the school and we just need to be patient, they will soon find their feet and be their happy smiley selves in a day or two.

We have been hard at work already this week, starting the term as we mean to carry on with lots of exciting learning taking place.

Our topic this term is “Summer Fun” and we started off by thinking what changes in weather and nature we can spot already.  The children quickly noticed a few butterflies in our garden that lead to us thinking about stories linked to insects and mini beasts.

As a class we are learning to retell the story of “The very hungry caterpillar” by Eric Carlè as well as listening to lots of poems about insects.

When we looked very closely at the pictures of butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds, we discovered how symmetrical their bodies are.  We learned what symmetry means and we have looked at different ways we can create and spot symmetry in the classroom.

We had lots of fun experimenting in a variety of ways to show our learning.

How you can help at home:

Can children spot symmetry at home? Which of their toys or building blocks have a line of symmetry and can they show you where the line is? Can they find more than 1 way to cut their picture up to have two sides that are a reflection of the other?

Have a lovely weekend as always.

The Nursery team x