This week in Reception

There has been lots more dinosaur fun this week.

The week began with an exciting discovery on the playground. During our daily mile some of the children spotted an egg that had just started to hatch.

When we came inside we learned the egg contained a dinosaur named Greg.
We then started learning “Happy Hatch Day” by Rob Biddulph.

Here is a fun tutorial by Rob which shows how to draw Gregosaurus. Have a go and put your pictures on Tapestry for us to see.

In the writing area we have been writing invitations as Greg was celebrating with a party at the end of “Happy Hatch Day.” Here we are in the writing area where we are learning to “Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s.” (Development Matters 2021)


We have made dinosaur skeletons in the sand using moulds. It took a lot of perseverance as the sand was quite wet and needed lots of tapping to get it to come out. The plaster of paris is also quite stubborn and is taking lots of patience and determination to scrape it from the dinosaurs. We are learning to, “Keep on trying when things are difficult.” (Development Matters 2021)

Last week we read “George saves the world by lunchtime.”  You can listen to it here:

We discussed the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling and thought about how we could do this in the classroom.

This week we have set up a recycling centre and have been sorting rubbish into paper, metal, plastic and glass. We are working very hard on our ambition, “to become a global green citizen”.

How you can help at home:

Encourage your children to help sort the rubbish into the correct bins at home. Use the words “Reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.”

Join in with the nursery rhyme of the week: