This week in Reception

This week in Reception we have been trying to find ways to keep cool.

We enjoyed some quiet time in a tent, pretending we were at the beach, making seaside pictures, using water to send boats and ducks down the guttering, walking the plank and drawing with melting ice.

During Mindful Monday we were honing our cutting skills to make boat pictures from shapes. We are learning to, “Develop their small motor skills so that they can use a range of tools competently, safely and confidently. ” (Development Matters 2021). It was very tricky to tessellate the triangles to make the base and sails of the boat but we persevered and made some very colourful  boat pictures.

In English we  are continuing to read and learn ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. You can listen to it here:

This week we have begun writing our own rhyming words. In these pictures we were writing a word on the petals to rhyme with the ending sound in the middle for example, pat, cat, mat, pig, big, jig. Next week we will write our own rhyme about a sea creature.



In maths we have been using rekenreks to show amounts we have subitised from patterns. We are learning to, “Explore the composition of numbers to 10,” (Development Matters 2021). Then we worked on accurate one to one correspondence. We made a museum of 6 and 8. We took turns to be ‘the Collector’ and ‘the Counter’. The Collector found 6 or 8 objects from the classroom and brought them back for the Counter to check; pointing and counting to the objects one at a time. To make the counting easier we thought about how we organised the objects to make them easier to subitise.


In phonics we have learned the following digraphs:

‘oy’ the boy cries ahoy.

‘ir’ a quirky shirt.

‘ue’ the sky’s blue.

‘aw’ fawn on the lawn.

How you can help at home:

This week we have learned, “I’ve got a body,” nursery rhyme. You can join in here:

Listen and identify rhyming words. Words ending in -at, -in and -eg are good places to start. Here are some fun interactive games to try:

Have fun!