What to do when you have a worry

In English this week we have been reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’ written by Tom Percival. Like Ruby, we shared all the things we love to do.

Working in partners, we focused on our communication skills to interview our friends. Then we wrote what they loved to do! Look at some examples below.

As we read on, Ruby discovered she has a worry. This stopped her from enjoying the things she loved. Like Ruby, many of us have had a worry and that is ok. Worries are something we will always have. But, the most important thing is to know what you do when you have a worry. Working as a team we created our very own book, titled ‘what to do when you are feeling worried.’ Inside there are lots of things you can do to help your worries disappear.

Our class worry books will be placed in our mindfulness areas for all to access.

Next week we will be writing a letter to Ruby, helping her with a new worry.

What you can do at home

Create your own ‘what to do when you are worried’ book at home. You can look at this whenever you may feel a worry growing!

Talk to a family member or friend about a time you felt worried. What did you do to solve your worry?